Thursday, 1 July 2010

Thinking out of the box...

This is a little gift I made for a colleague's birthday instead of a card. He's always scrounging coffee supplies from other people so this was just a tongue-in-cheek gift...

I cut the box with my craft robo, from a free template by sparkeyb on the UK Scrappers craft robo forum. The cardstock is an unwanted file divider - think I have some in cerise too - and it cut perfectly.  Loved the interlocking bottom on the template too, easier than sticking but very sturdy. The sides are decorated very simply with panels created in Word.

I filled the box with individual sachets of coffee, sugar etc, with a couple of teabags and tubs of UHT milk. For some reason he drinks his tea with honey so I bought a mini jar to go in the box too, its surprising just how much you can get in a box that's less than 7cm cubed!

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