Friday, 2 July 2010

21st birthday card

My first stepper card - a commission for a 21st birthday card for a 'girly girl'.  This was for the daughter of the recipient of the 50th birthday card I made a few weeks ago so I couldn't use the handbag this time!

I cut the card base with the craft robo, after running it through the printer to add polka dots to both sides (as the 'wrong' side is visible from the front of the card).  I can't remember where the shoe image came from but I digitally paper-pieced it to coordinate with the rest of the card.  The paper designs are all from Pink Petticoat, although I had to use a bit of jiggery-pokery to change the colourway to suit.

As ever I had to make a matching box as the card was way too deep for an envelope, so designed a basic template for the craft robo and cut it from printed card.  The words 'twenty one' and 'Heather' were also cut with the robo, as were the large flowers.  The trim on the box is of course made with a Martha Stewart punch.

I'm pleased to report that my customer loved the finished card - I must learn not to worry so much, lol!


  1. Oh wow! Lesley this is absolutely stunning! I have a craft robo lite but i can't get it to cut card that would be thick enough for a base. Do you have the larger version? I really want to make one of these now!
    Linds xx

  2. Hi Lindsey, thanks for stopping by!

    I just have the craft robo lite and I had struggled previously with thicker card but I've managed to lose my yellow blade cap so have been using the pink one instead, and I've had much better results. I've also read somewhere about the 'copy and paste' method which is just what it says, copy your design and paste it so it sits exactly on top of the original and the machine then cuts twice. I think some people do this up to 3 times. Hope this helps...

    Lesley x