Sunday, 19 February 2012

and now for something completely different...

...after my little post-Christmas flurry of card-making activity, things have slowed down again. But don't worry - I've still been crafting, and this is the result...

Its a baby blanket for my new great-niece Brooke, who was born a couple of weeks ago...based on this free tutorial. I did alter the design to make each round in the next stitch down, so for example, half treble (UK terms) instead of treble. That kept the individual motifs quite small while still using DK yarn. The yarn is Wendy Supreme Cotton DK, very reasonably priced and lovely to work with. I used a 4mm hook.

The original pattern shows the motifs joined at the corners as the last round is crocheted, but as I wanted something more substantial I mattress stitched the motifs together. I made up the edging as I went along, increase at the outer corners and decreasing at the inner corners. Its not perfect, but I'm really pleased with it for a first attempt!

Watch this space for the hot water bottle cover using the leftover yarns...

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  1. This is a perfect piece to my eyes. Well done :) Love it!!!


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