Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Calorie-free Cupcake...

I've wanted to make one of these cupcake pincushions ever since I first came across these beauties by Betz White over 2 years ago...

Hers are made from recycled felted knitwear but no matter how hard I search my local charity shops I just can't find wool garments in these gorgeous pastel colours.

So in the meantime I've compromised and used fleece fabric and I'm pretty pleased with how my first attempt has turned out...

I've made this one as part of the Christmas present for my best friend who bought me Betz's book 2 years ago and has been waiting to see a cupcake ever since!  I did make the 'cherry' myself, felting your own beads can be very addictive...

I've got an idea now for something else to go with this, so watch this space....


  1. Hi Lesley,
    Your cupcake looks superb. I'm not a lover of cupcakes generally but yours is delish! Well done.


    I love cupcakes! I'm your newest follower! Do you have a button? I'd love to put it on my blog!!



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